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02 October 2013
'Clean and Cool' missions promote UK eco-entrepreneurs in major markets

The United Kingdom is promoting its eco-innovative small and medium-sized companies through a series of “Clean and Cool” missions that take entrepreneurs to explore the cleantech market opportunities in Brazil and the United States.

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Dutch architects call for support for recycled island idea

A Dutch architectural practice has drawn up the blueprint for a “recycled island” that will make use of waste recovered from the marine environment to construct floating living spaces. The firm, WHIM Architecture, believes that the concept could be useful in low lying countries – such as the Netherlands – that might be vulnerable to greater levels of flooding because of climate change.

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EU FUSIONS: food for thought

A major European Union research project is studying how the environmental problem of food waste can be tackled through agreed definitions, common strategies and social innovation.

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Launch of a new call for eco-industries projects (French only)
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Upcoming events
OPEN DAYS conference week, DG REGIO and the Committee of the Regions Brussels, Belgium 7-10 October 2013
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ECOPOL Conference Athens, Greece 22-23 October 2013
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Forum: Cutting Waste – Resource efficiency and eco-innovation for sustainable food chains Hanoi, Vietnam 12-13 November 2013
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Innovation Forum Lithuania 2013 Vilnius, Lithuania 4-6 December 2013
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