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12 February 2013
SPIRE aims to inspire through resource and energy efficiency

A major cross-sectoral partnership is planning to channel €1.4 billion in private sector research spending to resource and energy efficiency in Europe's process industries – those sectors, such as steel and cement, that transform bulk resources into products that underpin modern economies.

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Better sound barriers

A Croatian project, part funded by the European Union's Competitiveness and Innovation Programme Eco-innovation initiative, is aiming to demonstrate that recycled vehicle tyres can be turned into an environmentally-useful product: sound reduction barriers that are installed alongside roads and railways.

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Recycled footwear products enter the market

Setting up systems so that consumers can return obsolete products to retailers – whether or not at the time of purchase of a new product – is an effective way of diverting old products from waste streams and encouraging reuse and recycling.

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Hot news
ECO-INNOVERA launched its 2nd call of proposals. Deadline for pre-proposal is 8 April 2013
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Upcoming events
Blue Economy World Summit Berlin, Germany 29/04/2013-1/05/2013
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