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11 December 2012
Sweden seeks to support international eco-innovation projects

If the benefits from eco-innovation are to be felt most widely, ways need to be found for eco-innovative companies to internationalise their products and services. VINNOVA, the Swedish Governmental Agency for Innovation Systems, is promoting Swedish eco-innovation in the world's largest emerging markets through a programme entitled International Cooperation for Eco-Innovation.

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Waste not, want not

A Portuguese company has been recognised for its waste management software – an example of how modern technology can make environmental services more efficient.

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The benefits of verification

A number of schemes are available to help eco-innovators move out of the laboratory and into the marketplace. One such scheme is offered by Isle Utilities, a British technology and innovation consultancy. Isle Utilities acts as a kind of dating agency bringing together eco-innovative technologies and research projects, and potential investors. This is done through the Isle Utilities Technology Approval Group (TAG).

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Exporting eco-innovation

The “green technologies accelerator” known as GreenEvo is designed to select Poland's best environmental technology companies and support them as they expand into foreign markets. The programme enables the international transfer of technologies that address pressing environmental issues.

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Hot news
A practical guide for Managing Authorities on how to connect Smart and Sustainable Growth through Smart Specialisation has been published.
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The Eco-innovation Scoreboard 2012 has been launched.
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The 1st ETV Stakeholder Forum will meet in Brussels on 19 December 2012.
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Upcoming events
Eco-innovation: empowering entrepreneurship Brussels, Belgium 11-12/12/2012
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ETV Stakeholder Forum Brussels, Belgium 19/12/2012
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