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26 November 2012
New business model for sustainable freight

TRI-VIZOR encourages companies to pool their transport and logistics capacities, generating both environmental and financial benefits.

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Treating wastewater locally

Wastewater treatment could be made more efficient by decentralising it, according to Danish company Grundfos. A small-scale, mobile wastewater treatment plant developed by Grundfos is being installed and tested in small municipalities to demonstrate the flexibility that decentralised wastewater management can bring.

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Towards resource efficiency via business model innovation

The modern consumer economy has a fundamental flaw that promotes unsustainable consumption: the more companies sell, the more they earn. Turntoo, a Dutch company, has been building its business model based on an alternative system in which products are not sold by the producer to the consumer, but remain the property of the producer throughout their lifecycles.

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Hot news
The 1st ETV Stakeholder Forum will meet in Brussels on 19 December 2012.
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The new European Network of Ecodesign Centres will be launched on 28 November 2012
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Take part in the Eco-Innovation Observatory’s Delphi survey “Future Trends of System Eco-Innovations 2030”!
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Upcoming events
POLLUTEC 2012 Lyon, France 27 - 30/11/2012
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Ecolink Annual Partnering Forum Berlin, Germany 6/12/2012
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Eco-innovation: empowering entrepreneurship Brussels, Belgium 11/12/2012
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