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13 November 2012
Incentivised recycling

A small British company is developing an innovative business model that will encourage the recycling and reuse of domestic appliances, such as fridges and washing machines, in exchange for loyalty points that can be used with up to 300 online retailers.

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Greek gift

Use of unproductive agricultural land in Greece to produce algae for biofuel could benefit the Greek economy by more than €1 billion annually, and could support more than 5,000 jobs, according to a business plan developed by two Greek entrepreneurs.

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Promoting investment in sustainability: Green Funds

Thousands of projects – from environmentally-friendly greenhouses and wind turbines, to organic farming and afforestation – have been implemented in the Netherlands with the support of a private investment scheme: the Green Funds Scheme.

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Hot news
The 1st ETV Stakeholder Forum will take place in Brussels on 19 December 2012
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Take part in the Eco-Innovation Observatory’s Delphi survey “Future Trends of System Eco-Innovations 2030”!
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ECOPOL invites public agencies to apply for a closer cooperation and to receive funding up to 40.000 EUR to develop and pilot new eco-innovation policy instruments in their country or region
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Upcoming events
13th European Forum on Eco-innovation Lisbon, Portugal 26 - 27/11/2012
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POLLUTEC 2012 – Lyon, France Lyon, France 27 - 30/11/2012
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Ecolink Annual Partnering Forum Berlin, Germany 6/12/2012
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